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The ART of collaboration

Richard Reeves

Richard creates animations by drawing both sound and picture directly onto film, and has produced award-winning films that have screened at festivals around the world.  He was Film Production Coordinator at the Quickdraw Animation Society in Calgary for eight years, and later  mentored super8/16mm film making at the Gulf Islands Film School for 10 years. He has taught animation courses across Canada, Europe and South America.

A long-standing collaborator with artists – often involving dancing human projection screens, 16mm violin, interactive animation installations, online animation jams and large outdoor projections – Richard has attended Artist in Residence programs at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá Colombia and Iris Film Collective in Vancouver, BC.  A spinner of zoetrope’s, looper of loops, light beam projector magician, time traveler and storyteller, he continues to explore animation as a visual music, time and space art form.


Kerry McArthur

Kerry is a film scholar, university instructor, and senior communications practitioner with over 30 years of experience in the corporate, non-profit and post-secondary sectors. Her 2017 doctoral dissertation described the resistance of English-Canadian screenwriters to normative film policy during the pre-production stage of feature film making in Canada, a summary of which was published in the prestigious Journal of Screenwriting.

A co-founder of the Kootenay Film Society and its 7th Siding Festival of Film, Kerry is also the writer and director of The Orchard, a psychological horror set in the Kootenay region of BC. She collaborates as a writer/editor on a variety of filmed projects, including numerous Creston-based documentaries and multimedia projects and the collected works of KBTV (Kootenay Business Television) at


Gary Deatherage

Gary's expansive literary project – Sun Pipes for the Dreamers, the sprawling story of a quadriplegic who escapes and eventually overcomes his disability via powerful, out-of-body  dreamworld experiences – first emerged in 1970 during his tour of duty as an Officer with the US Army in Vietnam. A work that evokes and anticipated much of the artistry and allusion found in the very best of recent Japanese animation, it remains the primary focus and beating heart of the CCC, inspiring multiple artistic impressions – including the images comprising this website.

A tenured neuroscientist and clinical psychologist at the University of Lethbridge during the 1970s, Gary along the way advanced his musical abilities, becoming a prolific songwriter and performing musician, ultimately publishing seventeen albums of original music with three bands (see Since 2018, he has collaborated with a number of artists and filmmakers in bringing Sun Pipes to wider expression -- including close work with local artist Alison Masters in rendering a condensed version of Book I of the project.


Alison Masters

Alison's starting place is sketching/painting on-site, and then following the whims of the work itself regarding how it wishes to be publicly revealed. While in Spain in 2011, for example, sketches grew into 35 acrylic paintings, ultimately animated by Richard Reeves and musically interpreted by Gary Deatherage. This then became the short film: ‘Travel Posters @ the Night Gallery’ – a project followed up on with several residencies of note.

In 2013, an art residency at the Gushel Studio in Blairmore, Alberta led to a series of paintings and instruction in Photoshop, culminating in a series of posters exhibited at the Crowsnest Public Art Gallery in Blairmore.  A 2017 art residency in Tilting on Fogo Island, Nfld. led to the exploration of new art materials and methods for meeting the challenges of working in tough outdoors conditions. Current projects include illustrating Gary Deatherage’s audiobook Sun Pipes for the Dreamers and working with cow sketches done to create large, hand-pulled prints. These will be shown at Gallery 64, Kimberley, in 2022.      


Mark Wolfe

Mark is a nationally-recognized media scholar with recent experience in media and arts development, including co-founding a community-based video news magazine in Creston (KBTV) and co-founding in 2019 the Kootenay Film Society ( 

A professional photographer (, Mark is also an award-winning film maker, taking a 1998 Alberta Motion Picture Industries (AMPIA) award for Best Producer, and more recently a Merit Award at the 2020 Canada Shorts film festival for Wheels – a short film on the visual poetry of skateboarding.

He is currently producing and shooting a feature film in the Creston area (, and is involved in a number of arts-related film projects, including documenting the work of local blind artist Ruth Bieber, and the work of Gary Deatherage and Alison Masters in bringing a multimedia version of Gary’s novel to fruition.


Jason Deatherage

Jason Deatherage is a musician, author, paramedic, poet, martial artist, and outdoors enthusiast.  When not pursuing strange and iconoclastic musical paths of his own, Jason provides technical support, audio engineering and musical session work to the creative works of Gary Deatherage.  Jason’s own projects involve improvising live to visual elements, carefully crafted studio creation, cross-genre exploration, soundtrack composition, and deep experiments into the creative underpinnings of music as art and expression. 

Jason’s musical career has seen him participate in major label and JUNO nominated albums, plus dozens of independent releases, but he is most often found working away in the studio on his own projects, trying to match his hands to his mind.